ElephantDreamz is a creative agency built on the ardor to communicate to today's consumer in the most innovative way possible and go straight to the heart. With a passion for creating strategy statements with a punch, we have multidiciplinary communicators, designers, writers, social media thinkers and specialists on board.

Following our urge for creativity as well as meet the niche demands of the consumer through innovation and orginal ideas, ElephantDreamz decided to come with all-together different platfom in the premium lifestyle accessories domain. Labelled as IconicElephant, it is a 'Brother-Company' that personifies the elegant taste of today's elite audience by offering them modern yet classic range of artworks, lifestyle products and much more.

IconicElephant is a luxurious platform showcasing high-end lifetsyle products. A Decade of beautiful products starts right here!

Rinku Bhatt
Creative Director - ElephantDreamz

Hitanshu Bhatt
Creative Director - IconicElephant

Hitanshu Bhatt is an artist based out of Mumbai, India. Art director in ElephantDreamz. A design is an endless passion for him. Either it’s Visual art, Photography, Graphic design or Art direction. He loves to explore different creative areas on a different platform. Music is a source of his creative energy. He gets inspired by everything around him nature, music, movie, people, impression etc. He is creating a beautiful story, which reflects Indian root merging into beautiful abstract form.

Pinal Thaker
Design Director - ElephantDreamz