Iconic Elephant is a space, a platform for Visual arts. Initiated by Hitankshu Bhatt who is a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Nature Lover, Researcher and Rumi Lover that sums up to a Visual Artist. The seeds of Arts are sown in the Ground of His soul which is blessed with these fruits. Watering and nurturing soon the fruits will sow new fruits and the endless journey begins. Iconic Elephant thus is an endless journey.

It is slowly spreading its branches to new dimensions, but for now the expertized areas are:

  • • A platform for life style products focuses mainly on Art - Prints, Fabrics, Photo Prints and Stationary.
  • • Photo documentation mainly for Art and crafts related projects.
  • • Conducts Craft Tour and Research programs.
  • • Conducts talks and workshops based on Crafts and Culture.

Rinku Bhatt
Creative Director - ElephantDreamz

Hitanshu Bhatt
Creative Director - IconicElephant

Hitanshu Bhatt is an artist based out of Mumbai, India. Art director in ElephantDreamz. A design is an endless passion for him. Either it’s Visual art, Photography, Graphic design or Art direction. He loves to explore different creative areas on a different platform. Music is a source of his creative energy. He gets inspired by everything around him nature, music, movie, people, impression etc. He is creating a beautiful story, which reflects Indian root merging into beautiful abstract form.

Pinal Thaker
Design Director - ElephantDreamz